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January 11, 2018

Good morning everyone visiting this section of the Kat Juice NYC website.


This section is where I will post my thoughts, and information all tied in with health and wellness.



•Fights against obesity (suppress the growth of fat tissues within your body)
•Helps breakdown fat cells and stop fat from growing too quickly
•Anti-inflammatory (helps reduce joint and muscle pain)
•Lower cholesterol
•Lower blood pressure
•Protects digestive tract
•Detoxification of the liver (detoxifies the body)

•Aids In weight loss
•Relieves constipation
•Regulations of high blood pressure
•Improves skin

•Reduce blood pressure/increase blood circulation
•Increase energy levels
•Beets are high in carbohydrates
•Improve regularity/digestion
•Cleans the digestive system

Purple Kale
•High In fiber,iron,vitamin k, vitamin A & C, Calcium,lower cholesterol levels
*A great detox food. It’s filled with fiber and sulfur, both great for detoxifying your body and it not only helps remove toxins, but also helps eliminate them from your body

•Lower high cholesterol
•Lower inflammation
•Prevent or treat high blood pressure
•Prevent ulcers
•Protects liver health
•Boost digestion and reduces bloating
•Helps prevent urinary tract infection
•Provides antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, B and potassium
*Beneficial for weight loss because of its ability to provide vital nutrients and to help regulate lipid (fat) metabolism

•Maintains blood pressure
•Increases your metabolism
•Reduces inflammation
•Protects skin
•Improve eye sight
•Boost immunity
•Protects against diabetes
•High source of magnesium
•High levels of Chlorophyll
*Helps with detoxification/promotes weight loss and is a good source of fiber. Fiber is needed to maintain digestive health because it helps with regular bowel movements, carries waste and toxins out of the body, prevents constipation or diarrhea, and can detoxify the digestive tract.

Kirby cucumber (thin skinned small seeds)
•Provides potassium and magnesium
•High in water
•Prevents dehydration
•Lower risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease
•Increased energy
•Anti inflammatory benefits (fights inflammation)
•High In vitamin k
•Low In calories and high in fiber which makes them useful for both weight loss and digestive health
•Contains multiple B vitamins, including vitamin B2, B5, and B7 (biotin). B vitamins are known to help ease feelings of anxiety and buffer some of the damaging effects of stress.

•Rich in anti oxidants, flavonoids and fiber
•Vitamin B&C
•Calcium, potassium and phosphorus
•Decreases risk of diabetes
•Reduces cholesterol
•Prevents gallstones
•Prevent diarrhea and constipation
•Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
•Prevents hemorrhoids
*Controls your weight (rich in fiber)
•Detoxifying your liver
•Boost your immune system

•High In fiber (over 5 grams of fiber in every pear)
•Helps sustain healthy blood sugar levels and promotes regularity
•Pectin fiber is a special beneficial fiber that helps lower cholesterol and increases digestive health.Pectin works by binding two fatty substances in the digestive tract, including cholesterol and toxins, and promotes their elimination.
•High source of vitamin C
•Provides antioxidants
*Helps fight diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity which key for preventing and treating diabetes in addition to weight gain.

•High source of antioxidants (especially beta carotene)
•Decrease risk of heart disease & strokes
•Helps against cancer
•Protects eye health
•Protects brain health & cognitive function
•Glowing skin
•Healthy teeth & gums
•Helps prevent infection
*Cleanses the body. Vitamin A assists the liver in flushing out the toxins from the body, it reduces the bile and fat in the liver. The fiber present in the carrots clean out the colon and hasten waste movement.

•Clean GI tract (gastrointestinal tract)
•Contains various benign ingredients that will cleanse the walls and core of your intestines and liver
•Healthy Heart
•Improves respiratory organs
•Removes bacteria
•Fungal infection treatment
•Diabetes reversal - sorbitol is a large part of every diabetics issue, and ginger intake is known to suppress sorbitol over production and improve a diabetics condition
•Ulcer treatment

•Rich with antioxidants
•Anti inflammatory properties
•Combats bacterial infections
•Fight diabetes by helping improve not only your sensitivity to insulin, but also lowers your blood sugar level. The spice can block an enzyme known as alkaline, which lets glucose become absorbed into the blood.
•Prevents and cures candida
•Promotes healthy skin
•Helps allergies
•Natural sweetener

•Indigestion relief
*Liver And kidney detox (eliminates toxins)
•Relieves pain
•Promotes digestion
•Helps dissolve kidney stones and increase overall function and efficiency of the kidney and liver
•Treats insomnia
•Treats leukemia
•Regulates blood pressure

•Boost immunity
•Aids in digestion
•Regulates blood pressure (very good source of potassium)
•Prevent anemia
*Aid In weight loss (contains fat burning enzyme that can help decrease the amount of sugar and starch in the body)
•Fight urinary tract infection
•Hair growth
•Prevent hair thinning
•Promotes strong & thick hair
•Reverses adrenal fatigue (a condition which causes severe hair loss in women) adrenal glands are required for maintaining proper hormonal balance and encourages hair growth
•Prevents muscle cramp
•Cleans the arteries - Gentians Pectin, which helps to remove unwanted elements from the artery, keeping it clean and unclogged.

•Sexual health
•Ovarian issues
•Increase estrogen levels
•Increase sperm count
•Reduces menopause issues
•High In anti oxidants


•Lowers Cholesterol
•Rich in fiber, Vitamin c & antioxidants
•Helps In weight loss (low in calories)
•Boost your immunity system (has more than 200% Vitamin C)
•Good for diabetes (low sugar content)
•Great for your eyes (Rich in vitamin A)
•Protects against arthritis (anti inflammatory properties)
•Improves digestive system (has enzymes known as papain)
•Helps ease menstrual pain (has enzymes know as papain)

•Stomach & Intestinal conditions including colic,diarrhea,constipation,cramps,weak digestion’s and worm infections
*Liver tonic to promote circulation
*Treatment Of hysteria,epilepsy and convulsions in children
*Irregular period and menstrual problems
*Low energy
•Joint pain affiliated with arthritis
•Is used for mental problems (psychoneuroses)
•Ongoing fatigue and depression (neurasthenia)
•Preoccupation with illness (hypochondria)
•General irritability
•Insomnia (trouble sleeping)

Sea Moss
*Anti anemic- helping maintaining normal red blood count
*Thyroid stimulating agent
*Believed to cute the skin inflammation and various other skin diseases such as dermatitis
*Anti obesity agent- low calorie food. Decreases appetite and controls the cravings of eating too much.
*Mental health- rich in potassium and also high level of alignment. Alignment is a polysaccharide that’s acts as an antioxidant, due to this property sea moss helps in decreasing the level of toxins the body cells, including the brain cells. Therefore it can be used to relieve mental issues such as anxiety, stress and anxiety.
*Digestion- Is used as a laxative

•High cholesterol
•Vitamin E
•Weight loss
•Helps digestion
•Vitamin A
•Detox support
•Boost metabolism

•High cholesterol
•Joint & Nerve pain
•Prevent blood clots
•Anti cancer agent
•Vitamin a,c & e
•Digestive cleanse
•Weight loss


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